Introducing Paddle On. Be Free.


We were sitting on the shores of Moose Lake at our headquarters near Ely, Minnesota trying to think of new ideas.  Last year we had revitalized our Williams and Hall website.  We knew we could just sell some stuff on that website but we wanted to do something more, something different.  We had this phrase that we use to sign off our blogs - Paddle On. Be Free.  It's a phrase that is meant to capture the imagination and put a little smile on our readers' faces.  Well, we thought, why not create a Paddle On. Be Free. company and website.  So we did.  

Paddle On. Be Free. was born in Northwoods where the asphalt dissolves into wilderness. The products we sell are designed for those who live a life infused with a need for adventure and a passion for wild country.  

We are starting small, but will be adding products as we go along.  If you have any ideas for us, please let us know (   Mostly, we want you have a life worth living.  If our merchandise helps, all the better!

Paddle On. Be Free. 

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